2017 Ford GT Price, Specs

2017 Ford GT front side

Before us is another model that is by its design and quality immediately pointed out in relation to the competition. It is a 2017 Ford GT, which is apparently known for its nail color. Indeed at first glance, this model gives something special and you can not forget so easily. Say something about the design, but it is not necessary to talk too much because the picture speaks for itself. We will devote more attention to what’s under the hood, you can not only see but also to comment on, because it is still the engine that drives the vehicle.

2017 Ford GT side

2017 Ford GT Design exterior and interior

The design of the athletes not only look to the past to the original Ford GT 2017 with modern elements, but it is also extremely streamlined to reduce drag and increase the force with which it rests on the surface. The new Ford GT is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, which means that it is extremely easy, and the Americans brings one of the best ratio of weight and strength. The cabin is minimalist and functional, and delivers digital instruments, sports steering wheel and Ford’s SYNC 3 multimedia.

2017 Ford GT front side

2017 Ford GT front

As you can see at a glance the vehicle is a combination of aggressive look and elegance. Simply this compound is really something special because in addition to the phenomenal design quality is superb. Each segment of this vehicle is justified and now it would be good to say something about the driving force.

2017 Ford GT rear side

2017 Ford GT rear

Engine of 2017 Ford GT

When we see one such vehicle, the first thing that comes to mind is what is hiding under the hood, what can we expect here? This 2017 Ford GT vehicle measuring over 600 horsepower. This sports car will be achieved thanks to the new biturbo V6 EcoBoost engine. Centrally located gasoline over the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox with said force is transmitted to the rear wheels and 20-inch alloy wheels wearing specially designed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires 2. When it comes to power we should mention the following which is that power does not come as a predecessor of the supercharged V-8 but it is something new and it’s powerful generation Ford with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-sixth With this engine has made a step forward.

2017 Ford GT engine

2017 Ford GT wheel

2017 Ford GT Release Date and price

Although presented in Detroit, the start of production of 2017 Ford GT is expected next year and its launch of 2017. All in all potential buyers would have to be a little more patient.With the new information related to the final implementation, and a price that will follow this model is wait for you at the same place probably very soon.


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