2016 Ford Mustang Release Date Concept

2016 Ford Mustang front

2016 Ford Mustang model to be taken into consideration for next year or the next year. This is the model that will be interesting especially younger people, although at first glance and others will not stay indifferent. The new Ford Mustang 2016, the sixth generation in fifty years, is intended not only America, but also picky customers in Europe. Here’s how it looks to drive 420 “horses” for half the price compared to the equally powerful Porsche 911.

2016 Ford Mustang rear

2016 Ford Mustang Review design specs

There are not many examples in the automotive industry that one model upgrade name of the plant of origin, and has become a brand for yourself. That is exactly what happened to the 2016 Ford Mustang that became the name of the larger and Ford who produces it. Indeed, if you look at the photographs of the car, inside and outside, you’ll notice that there is no trace of the legendary blue oval, the symbol of Ford. On the grille, tailgate and steering wheel of a pony at a gallop, the symbol that adorns the Mustangs for five decades.


Images of ford mustang

2016 Ford Mustang interior

2016 Ford Mustang seats

It is obvious that when the arms have this icon, when creating a new model there is not much room for changes in the figure of the car. That is why the new, sixth generation does show designed in retro style, with a lot of details that have been taken (and by the way deliberately exaggerated) with the original, first generation horse.The car is easily recognizable, aggressive and at first glance it is not too big and bulky.

It fits perfectly into the ambience of European roads and streets. This is clearly observed and Ford, and is the first time since the creation of the Mustang conceived and designed as a car for the world market, and not just for the United States. This means that the packages, as well as adjust the suspension and engine differ from market to market and are adapted to the wishes and needs of customers in different countries.

2016 Ford Mustang change gear

2016 Ford Mustang cargo space

2016 Ford Mustang steering wheel

Engine of 2016 Ford Mustang

In line with the life-sized tradition, the sixth generation of the 2016 Ford Mustang is available in two versions body – Fastback with a classic convertible with hard and soft fabric roof.

For the European market, were selected two engines. The first four-cylinder turbo petrol engine 2.3 liter that develops 317 hp while peak torque reaches 432 Nm. It is a version of the unit which is installed in the Focus RS. Of course, there is also a five-liter V8, power 421 hp and maximum torque of 530 Nm moment. Both engines are supplied as standard with a six-speed manual transmission, and can be purchased for a six-speed automatic.

The manufacturer states that a more powerful version of the mode to mph in just 4.8 seconds, while less than half four-cylinder only needs one second more 5.8 s. Factory does not disclose the maximum speed, with the right.

2016 Ford Mustang grille

When taking the car for a test drive, we decided to coupe with a V8 engine because we believe that this is a car that offers maximum driving pleasure, not only because of the power and engine noise, but also because the stiffer chassis in relation to the convertible allows for better management.

The main thing about the so-called muscle car model coming from America is that they cost more than half of European models of similar power. So when we get familiar with the car deliberately sought places where the factory saved.

At first glance, all is well. There are aluminum pedals and molding on the dashboard, the metal buttons on the center console, excellent leather-clad sports seats which signed by Recaro, multimedia second-generation system with nine speakers, carefully designed steering wheel. Truly convincing.

Steering is direct and communicative, clutch hard and decisively, but is easily controlled. Transmission requires some power, but is used in joint and sports is accurate and fast. It is a pleasure to shift even in slow urban traffic because the ratio of the clutch, the way in which the engine receives and loses revs and gear lever of the best. Mustang is not an easy car. There are over 1.7 tons. However, with 54 percent of the weight on the front wheels, balance was not bad.

Because of this, and of course because of the new rear suspension and new rigid chassis, steering is very exciting and above all safe. The factory states that can buy a bend achieve lateral force of 0.97 g. This fact in itself might seem convincing, but is in practice irrelevant. You are on the open road do not drive your car to win the race, but to the best possible way to reach our goal.

Ford is the sixth generation of the Mustang gave excellent handling. The car was very well balanced and predictable. Power is transmitted to poglogu neverovarno easily and accurately. Even without the control electronics, the chassis is very quiet and neutral. No tremors, nervousness, or signs of overload suspension.

It is obvious that this car may be submitted by a significantly stronger engine. Driving the car narrow roads, teeming with sharp curves, requiring a second, or even first gear, we experimented in order to see where the limits of the chassis and electronics.

It means sudden acceleration or braking and situations where it is totally unexpected and foolish. All these willful misconduct car is easily compensated without any nervousness.

Where would some to older American sports car jumped ten feet away, he turned and just kept right, Mustang faithfully follows the driver’s commands. As we said, the V8 can run and complete beginners, provided that they can properly respond to rapid decimation events.

2016 Ford Mustang

2016 Ford Mustang Price

When it comes to the price list we will deal with some of predecessor and attach rates. 2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost could cost approximately the same as its predecessor and it is $46,283 and $46,950. Convertible prices ranged from $51,407 to $54,837. Some interesting information you can find on ford.

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