2015 Ford Focus RS Release Date

2015 Ford Focus RS side

Ford company never ceases to surprise us and reveals the young talent that is new or refreshed vehicles designed. Third Generation Top-Gun Focus presented in the course of a refresh offers high-performance models, initiated the recent premiere of the Ford GT, which will give rise to 2020 as many as 12 new performance mark ST and RS. as you can read for yourself that this is a very ambitious plan. Will it really be the case remains to be seen in the meantime we are informed and ready to greet such a moment, if it comes. Today we’ll talk about the 2015 Ford Focus RS, which has what to show and especially if it comes after the driving force of the vehicle.

2015 Ford Focus RS rear

2015 Ford Focus RS Design

As always, we start with the design and outer apperence vehicles. The external appearance is nabildan numerous automobile body accessories that visually stand out from the performance of the 2015 Ford Focus RS, and besides aesthetic feature and an important aerodynamic function. On the 19-inch wheels are tires of size 235 to 35, supplied by Michelin. Model Pilot Super Sport Ford Experts are allocated to owners who are driven solely by roads, while demanding choose Pilot Sport Cup 2, which are more stable when the occasional trip to the track. This is in some way true muscular model that is designed in a particular group of customers but also of all those who think that just suits them redesigne this new model.

2015 Ford Focus RS front side

Engine of 2015 Ford Focus RS

As you can see, not something to dwell much on this design because we are waiting for something called the driving power. Volvo’s inline five-cylinder T5 went to the dustbin. Blistering sound lacks many, but increasingly stringent environmental standards could not meet. He was replaced by 4-cylinder EcoBoost 2.3, the same that is built into the Mustang, and under the hood of the Focus fired more than 320 hp and 450 Nm. Fans will be delighted by the fact that it will be available exclusively with the six-speed manual gearbox. According to official data sprint to mph takes less than five seconds, but sources close to the manufacturer’s claim that the accelerated tests for 4.5 s.

The most important about 2015 Ford Focus RS news of the suspension of the front-wheel drive, in which they swore for years, and the introduction of the 4×4 system Dynamic Torque Vectoring. Using dual electrically operated clutch performs the distribution of torque between the front and rear wheels, while the rear can supply up to 70% of torque, a rear zipper differential can all send only one wheel. Electronics, which controls the operation of the system reads the data from the sensor up to 100 times per second.

2015 Ford Focus RS front grill


When we talk about Ford models, then there really are and to say when it comes to performance. Each new version sports a model of Ford sets new standards in terms of driving feel, precision, control, communication and wheel combinations tech suspension and powerful brakes. How would this time fulfill all the expectations of customers in testing they were joined by Ken Block, the star drift and WRC.

Apparently a lot of progress has been made in terms of improving engine and design and that’s what Ford should be proud and very happy to expire. Ford has really been extremely particular about the quality of the greens and their customers. In this way he achieved a close and direct relationship with customers. 2015 Ford Focus RS is a good indication that something new can always upgrade and fix it.

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